A5501 front K.jpg
A5500 series Indicators

The new Autonnic Indicators have been created to combine practical functionality alongside classic watch-like design.

They are equally at home mounted in the saloon for information purposes, in the cockpit for vital passage making data at a glance or anywhere in-between.
Clear, easy to read analogue gauges combined with clever lighting features, provide seamless day to night readability.
Installation is straightforward with only a small hole for the cable needed in the panel. Sealed to IP68 standards providing long term water ingress protection, they are compatible with NMEA 0183.
Autonnic Indicators can be linked directly to Autonnic Sensors or wired straight into existing electronic systems
  • Compass has familiar Rotating Card Compass  Display

  • Wind speed in Kn and Beaufort

  • Standard 110mm square

  • Surface mount - no cut-out

  • Designed for Cockpit, Chart-table or Saloon

  • Water resistant to IP68

  • NMEA-0183

  • Tracking back-light for best night-vision

  • A5501 can be directly driven by A5023/4 or A4032 Compass sensors

  • A5521 can be directly driven by A5120 Wind Sensor


This new system frees the helm from having to peer down at a compass. 


The display bar is mounted, ideally, at horizon level and maintains a ‘fixed’ point to steer for.  This means the person steering can see the direction to steer while allowing continuous look-out. 


Can be set to heading or direction or way-point (2K version).


Can be used directly with A5022 fluxgate compass.

  • A ‘Star to Steer By’

  • Horizon-level Helming Aid

  • Helps keep horizon look-out

  • Water resistant to IP68

  • 8-30V Supply

  • Easily mounted

  • 660mm display

  • Auto-brightness

  • Variable width adjustment

  • NMEA-0183 for easy compass interface

  • Remote control version (-R)

  • 2K version (A5605)