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Battery Charging

The AptiVolt Battery Management System...

Autonnic O Blue.png a complete system of battery management, providing the best way for simultaneous and automatic control of power from several sources destined for  several batteries each with different duty-cycles, priorities and chemistry.


Whenever power is available from wherever, you can be sure that it will go to whichever battery needs it in the optimum way and in the order you have chosen.

  • It manages multiple sources of power input

  • and distributes it to multiple batteries

  • its priority settings organise power distribution so the important functions onboard always work.

  • It takes the pain away from managing batteries so the power is there when you need it and the frustration of flat batteries is minimised

  • It minimises  damage to batteries.

  • each battery can have a different chemistry

  • Your battery-powered world is ready to go at any point.

  • AptiVolt operates solar panels at their Maximum Power Point

  • and boosts alternator output

  • AptiVolt brings peace of mind that things will work. 

    • and that should improve your sleep. 

  • If your batteries were to fail, you can rest assured that you could not have done any better.

Aptivolt Description Diagram.png
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